What To Expect

When you visit Unity Osteopathy

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.  This is to allow sufficient time for a full and detailed case history to be taken to ensure it is safe and appropriate to treat you using osteopathic techniques.

You are very welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to your appointment (for anyone under 16 years of age we request a parent or guardian be in attendance for the duration of the appointment).

You will be asked several questions about your current concerns and your past medical history including details of any medications – it may be useful to note these down before attending.


Osteopathy is an holistic manual therapy and as such we examine the body as a whole.  We need to see how you move and how your body functions as a unit so it is not unusual to be asked to undress to your underwear (you are welcome to bring shorts and/or a vest top if you wish).

We look at standing and sitting postures and usually ask you to perform some simple movements.  We may carry out special tests such as taking your blood pressure or checking nerve reflexes and muscle power.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Once a diagnosis is reached, we will discuss with you a treatment plan encompassing the physical osteopathic approach and advice on stretches and exercises that you can do to help yourself, encourage health and prevent recurrence.

Osteopathic techniques include soft tissue massage, joint articulation, stretching and joint manipulation.  At any point if you are uncomfortable or have any questions please ask.


The number of appointments required varies from case to case and depends on a number of factors.  On average we would expect to see a patient 2-4 times for an acute problem.

Many patients find they benefit from regular maintenance appointments, even if there is no specific problem.

Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes and will involve a discussion on how things are progressing but will focus mainly on examination and treatment.